"T h e    B e s t    S  u r f e r    O u t    T h e r e    I s      T h e    O n e    H a v i n g     T h e    M o s t    F u n "

                               -   D U K  E     K A H A N A M O K U


The quaint fishing town of San Juan del Sur is surrounded by a dozen class deserted breaks to suite all levels of surfing. Head either North or South and find yourself on white sandy beaches, engulfed by wild jungle and the Pacific ocean. With such a wild and beautiful Panorama, its no wonder the TV Series survivor was shot on one of these beaches.

This region of Nicaragua, is whats geographically known as a isthmus, a thin strip of land bordered by water, with the Pacific Ocean to the West, and the gigantic Lake Nicaragua to West. The Lake funnels the winds from the Caribbean Ocean to the East, creating 300 days of Offshore winds, crucial to create hollow waves which hold up and provide you with the best surfing conditions possible.




Not only will you experience a vast array of uncrowded good waves for you to surf, but imagine sharing those with the occasional turtle, or seeing a ray glide below you board and accompany you on the most memorable rides of your life. 

Who better to accompany you, either teaching you the basics or helping you improve your technique than the guys who have been surfing the area their whole lives. Between the top surfers on the national team to local surfing legends, your surf guides have unmatched knowledge of the breaks and an enthusiasm that will spur you on to stay in the water for hours. If you are lucky enough to land in Nicaragua during a national or International surf competition, why not go and support our new friends in-between sessions and give them that extra lift to gain that trophy.




A Highlight to your week will be the day you embark on the luxurious Nica Surf n Sail Catamaran or the locally renowned Panga Rosa and lets go look for some boat only accessible breaks. Jump into the water for a session with your local friends, or enjoy the view from the boat, enjoying freshly made Cevice with fish caught on the way to the break, still no convinced... Wash your meal and emotions down with a large freshly made juice or with a sample of Nicaragua's world famous Flor di Cana Rum. 

Time to cruise on back, enjoy the sunset and catch some more fish, treasure the smiles and reminisce ont he waves you caught that day, gaining another foot each time you share your story... The day in paradise you have always dreamed of just became a reality...