At Deseo Surf Travel, we are firm believers that any travel experience should be a two-way street. Positive impact and experiences should be felt on both sides of the aisle, and we feel it is important to give back to the community. From schools plotted along the jungle of this wonderful coastline to a fully established organization, we have found some people that are very deserving of our attention.


One of the organizations that we help to support is the Barrio La Planta Project. We met the founder, Dyani, on a trip to Nicaragua 8 years ago. She has worked extremely hard to make the BPP a successful supplemental educational program for underprivileged kids in San Juan Del Sur. Deseo Surf Travel donates for every trip run, directly to BPP. They also have a Cultural Exchange Program where visiting travelers and vacationers can volunteer for a half day with the BPP. We are very proud to help support this project, and we hope you are as well. Together we can "Help a Child Grow", please help Dyani's project grow by checking out her page below and spreading the good word.