Is Nicaragua safe? Nicaragua is one of the safest countries in all of the Americas. That being said, always exercise the same common sense and good judgement that would keep you safe anywhere in the world. Any type of violent crime is very rare. You will be in good hands with your trip leaders and Deseo drivers. 

Are vaccines required? No vaccines are required to enter Nicaragua. Some people choose to take Malaria medication as a precaution. If traveling during the rainy season, bug spray is a helpful item to pack.

What is the currency? The national currency of Nicaragua is the Cordoba. 1USD is equal to about 29 Cordobas. US dollars are accepted everywhere in the country. As a general rule, bills that are torn, damaged, or written on will not be accepted. 

Can I use my credit cards? This all depends on where.  Most hotels, restaurants, and higher-end stores accept major credit cards.  When traveling, cash is typically king, ATM machines are widely available. With Deseo, almost all of your expenses are taken care of with your package, buying souvenirs and rum to take home will most likely be your biggest concern. 

Do I need a visa to enter Nicaragua? US and European visitors can enter Nicaragua with no visa for up to 90 days.  Always check your Government website for the most up to date information, but for the most part, Nicaragua is making it easy for foreign travelers to visit. You will need a booked return flight and a passport that is valid 6 months past your stay. 

Where do I fly to? The capital city of Managua (MGA) is the best airport to use. You will be met at the airport by a Deseo driver or trip leader. We ask that you coordinate your flight times with us in advance to maximize the length of your trip as well as the fluidity of your arrival and departures. Airport transfers are included in your package. 

Do I need travel insurance?  Yes. We have provided a wonderful option for you with our recommended plan from TripMate. This plan even offers reimbursement if you need to cancel within a certain timeframe.  Protect your investment, health, pocketbook, and state of mind.     

Will my cellphone work? Most major cell phone carriers function in Nicaragua. Wifi is your best bet for strength and is accessible in most (all lodging) of the locations we will bring you. If there is work you need to get done while with us, connectivity is not typically an issue. We hope that the primary function of your phone will be the camera! 

What is the weather like? Nicaragua has a tropical climate. Dry season (Dec-April) offers hot and sunny conditions. Winds are almost always offshore. Jungle season (May-Oct) will offer wetter conditions with rainstorms coming and going and light variable winds. No need to pack heavy clothes aside from what you will travel in. Most of your time will hopefully be spent in a bathing suit. 

What is the water temperature? During most of the year, the ocean temp is perfect for board shorts and bikinis. Constant offshore winds in January and February can lead to upwelling which cools down near shore ocean temperatures. During this time, we recommend bringing a wetsuit top or spring suit to ensure you are comfortable for lengthy sessions. 

What if I am new to surfing? That is great! We offer different levels of trips and will accommodate all levels of surfers on most trips, unless privatized. Nicaragua, and our zone specifically, provides us with many options for different types of waves suitable for all surfers. Typically, bigger swells start to roll in mid-March and run through November. 

Should I bring my board? We will provide you with the highest quality boards possible. Working with you in pre-arrival we will be able to determine your preferences. That being said, sometimes you just want to be on your own board(s) -we get it. Please check with your airline for fees and procedures. If you are a beginner, we highly recommend that you let us pick your boards. All board rentals are included with your package. 

Is airfare included? Airfare is just about the only thing not included in the price of your package. 

What is included in my package? Accommodations, transportation, food and beverage (beer and national rum INCLUDED), boat trips, guides, and so much more. 

Should I tip Deseo staff and leaders? More likely than not, their services will be deserving of some extra love on the way out. Tips are never expected but they are appreciated. 

Should we bring the kids? It depends on what type of trip you are looking for. We love kids and we love waves! Children over 6 are charged as a full price customer. Children under 6 will be charged half price.

What else should I bring? Tropical climate= pack light. We are happy to send you a detailed packing list should you wish. Some helpful additions are: sunblock, medicines, baggies, hard to find toiletries and personal items you can’t do without.